COME THE NIGHT – Special Price!

COME THE NIGHT – Special price for a short time….

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Happy Holidays!

Time to share more fun and good cheer!  Not in the Regency period this time. Closer to home with two superb actors.

This is one of my favorite movie scenes and one of my favorite singers.

Absolutely love this ending, after all the nonstop travails the two main characters had to suffer at the hands of the manipulative Robert DeNiro. Lol.  Talk about a thwarted wedding. They had the ceremony from hell.
But everything worked out in the end….

And in case you forgot what had come earlier…

Yet another argument between Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro. :-)

You look lousy. You alright?

Listen, Paul, please don’t send me any more gifts.

You didn’t like the fountain?

That’s not the point. It’s a boundary issue.

Boundary issue? I say if more people gave from the heart, we’d all be better off. Let’s see your watch.

(He frowns at Crystal’s wrist.) Piece of junk. You’re getting a Rolex.

Don’t buy me a Rolex!

Who said anything about buying it?

And when you see the fountains geysering in the final scene, just tell me that there is nothing Freudian about that!

This is one movie that stands the test of time.



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Happy Thanksgiving


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Post-Thanksgiving confection

And now a little post-Thanksgiving  confection… in case you didn’t have enough dessert for Thanksgiving.


My favorite scene in the


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Love the journey…


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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who downloaded Tiger’s Lady.
You helped it rank #1 in ALL free books in all categories on Amazon.

How super exciting!

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A limited time Halloween gift. :-)

The Tiger's Lady
This is a one-time chance to grab my only Victorian historical for free. Get it now at Amazon. And happy Halloween from me.
While you’re there, have a look at the great new paranormal anthology with one of my Draycott Abbey books. All strong and wonderful authors in this set and you cannot beat the price.
Wishing you some happy reading!
And that’s no trick.
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Writing Quote

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Married Before Midnight is Available Today

Dear Reader,

I am excited.

Well, DELIRIOUS maybe the best word.

About Married Before Midnight.

About two wonderful characters who haunted me for weeks. And about a wonderful, inspiring and plucky canine  companion named Cody.

This is my first book in a new contemporary series set in Oregon, in this same world as my Summer Island prior series but with all new characters and plots. Yes, I’ve left Harlequin and I’m bringing this one out independently.  Why did I go independent?  You may well ask!

At Harlequin I routinely had to wait a year and a half for a book to be released AFTER I had finished all the work on it. Also I did not have control over the kinds of books I could write.  Or my covers. I couldn’t bear that. Nor could my readers.  :-/

So I packed up… And I went indie!

This first book will not be available in a print edition. It is very expensive pricing as an independent author. My plan is to bring out the first TWO books in the new Brides Club series together in a print box set, probably in February.  And each print book will be hand signed by me.


Here is an except to Married Before Midnight.

And here is a second, more enticing except.  :-)

And to keep it very price friendly to you, as a loyal newsletter follower, the book will available for a very limited time for $.99. Here are links to purchase MARRIED BEFORE MIDNIGHT.

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I am delighted to be part of a box set with a whole group of very talented contemporary authors. So you can cash in with these links and get 9 books for the price of 99 cents. Simply awesome. I hope you enjoy the new book. I warmly encourage you to leave a review at Amazon once you are done. Honesty is always the best.

It helps readers find new authors!

Thank you again for your support and for your enjoyment of all of my various series.

Happy reading!

PS I also have my two historical titles available at very special pricing for a  few days. You can buy SEDUCING THE RAKE and  SEVEN NIGHTS WITH A PIRATE  with these links.

Seducing the Rake
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Early Christmas presents, anyone?



I have made special recipe cards and bookmarks for all my reprints & contemporaries. Just email me at

I will be happy to send you a contemporary bookmark set or the historical recipes. Also ask for the new special recipe for MARRIED BEFORE MIDNIGHT. Some good cooking there!


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