Christina Skye's Guide for Readers' Groups

October, 2004

Dear Friends,

It's time to put away your beach clothes and curl up before the fire. And what better way to warm up your nights than with another white-hot Navy SEAL and a kick-butt heroine!

In Code Name: NANNY we met Summer Mulcahey, an FBI agent who lives the job 24/7. Now meet Summer's twin sister Jess, whose job as a hotel investigator lands her dead center in a secret military mission. When a priceless government lab animal goes missing, Hawk Mackenzie rolls into action. Now the Navy SEAL is dogging Jess's every move!

I hope you enjoy Code Name: PRINCESS. Here are some discussion questions about the book.

  1. What does Jess's reaction to the silent commando-type in her room reveal about her personality and her past? What does Hawk's assessment of Jess say about his powers of observation and his military training? Give a few examples.
  2. What was your opinion of Hawk's initial treatment of Jess? Too rough? Purely pragmatic? Not rough enough? Why?
  3. How would you deal with a debilitating phobia like the one that Jess has? Do you think she should have been able to leave the past behind?
  4. What did you think of the relationship between Jess and Summer? How did their protectiveness and occasional irritation with each other make them stronger - but sometimes act as a stumbling block for them as adults? Do you have a sister who makes you feel this way? (If so, I'd suggest chocolate. Or a good book. Or a really nice spa gift.)
  5. What is it with men on motorcycles?
  6. What kept Jess from opening her heart to Hawk near the end of the story? Would you have done things differently? Why or why not?
  7. How did Izzy influence both Jess and Hawk without them realizing it?
  8. On page 243 Jess tells Hawk about her blood tests and her planned surgery. What do you think happened?

Code Name: Princess is a Cosmo book club selection! Look for an adapted excerpt in the December 04 issue.

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Happy Reading,

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