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You're Wonderful! Because of you Code Name: Nanny is a Bestseller! Thank you all.

photo   Now, I'm even sorrier it took me so-o-o-o-o long to update you on my newest books. Yes, that's plural: Books!

That's why I've been tardy in answering my emails and away from my website for so long--I've been up to my chin in paper. (In case you're wondering, that's me in the photo, hard at work.)In a perfect world, there would be time to do everything and I'd have a staff of twelve.But when I'm caught up with my characters, I might as well be on Mars, and everything else gets put aside, for which I apologize heartily.But the writing is finally done!


If you've read CODE NAME: NANNY then you know that Summer has a sister. Look for Jess's book, CODE NAME: PRINCESS, in late September. But watch my fun stuff page for excerpts! And while you're there check out Jess's and Summer's diary entries!

Also I've started a new page for those of you who are on your way to becoming writers. Take a look at my advice to other authors in my "Writer's Corner".

In other news Avon is reprinting three of the earlier Draycott Abbey books in June! Watch for HOUR OF THE ROSE, BRIDE OF THE MIST, and KEY TO FOREVER, but don't be confused by the new cover art. These ARE earlier books, not new ones.And please pass this information on to any friends or booksellers who may be confused by the new cover and think these are new books.That said, I think the new art is lovely, and I'm delighted that Avon is finally reissuing these early books.And yes, there will be more Draycott Abbey books coming. But more about that later.........

Happy reading!