Help me celebrate as I complete my next CODE NAME book!

On August 1st I'll be sending in my next Code Name book and I can't decide what its title should be. So, I thought I'd ask all of you. Here are your choices:

  • Code Name: BIKINI
  • or
  • Code Name: OVERBOARD

Okay, some of you out there just read that last title candidate and said "But she already has a book called Going Overboard. I'm so thrilled you remembered! And you're right if you guessed that I'm considering that title for a reason. This next Code Name book reprises characters from Going Overboard. That's why I'm so torn about the title. And why I'm asking you to vote on your preference. Here's all you have to do. If you love Code Name: BIKINI send me an email at If you prefer Code Name: OVERBOARD, well then send your vote to I'll collect your votes from today through August 15th, then send them on to my editors at Harlequin so they can make the best decision possible. So, get to typing that email and get it out to me ASAP!

Thanks SO much! You have no idea what a difference you make in my career. All the best,


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