Hi to all my readers!

ACK! CODE NAME: BLONDIE hit the shelves before I managed to get out my "Get ready for Blondie" letter. (Heck, that hardly leave me time to talk about my upcoming book, CODE NAME: BIKINI. More on that front later….)

Okay, I have to admit I'm thrilled that CODE NAME: BLONDIE is finally in stores. Writers are always delighted when their stories finally reach readers' hands. Brace yourself for a great dog (another Lab, of course), a blonde heroine with loads of attitude and a real dislike for being blonde. Of course I couldn't leave out another uber-sexy Navy SEAL. Did I mention that Max and Miki are stranded on a beautiful and absolutely deserted tropical island? (And they can't keep their hands off each other!) Talk about temptation!

When you see the book, you'll notice that some things have changed. No, the stories are still fast-paced and sizzling. But BLONDIE's cover hasn't got the legs that were a part of the design in the earlier series. No gun, either. To tell you the truth, Miki, my mouthy heroine, isn't sure she likes the new look. Why not let her know what you think! My publisher's kind of interested in your feedback, too. ;-) If you like this new cover look, please send me an email at nolegs at christinaskye.com. If you prefer the legs, then shoot your message to legs at christinaskye.com.

And if you liked that snazzy gun, send your email to hardware at christinaskye.com.

I always love to hear what you think! To thank you for replying, everyone who answers will be entered in a raffle to win a $20 Starbucks card! (Miki's idea. She's nudging me right now, coffee cup in hand. She wants me to remind you that she's a huuuuge coffee fanatic.)

Oh, yes. The gang back at Kit's ranch say hi. Kit and Wolfe are a little occupied right now and can't talk. Baby, Diesel, Butch and Sundance send slurpy dog kisses.

Happy Reading,


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