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Okay, I know how it goes.

This time of year things get mighty stressful. You're facing work deadlines, parties, shopping and all the while wishing you could clone yourself! (Remember Michael Keaton in Multiplicity? Don't we all wish??)

So how do you handle all that stress?

Try putting yourself on your own gift list.

How? Give yourself the luxury of half an hour each day that is totally, absolutely your own. Treat yourself to something you've been meaning to do for months. Here are a few ideas.

Sit back with a cup of tea and read the first five pages of that new book you've been hoping to start.

Pack your camera and head to a nearby lake or beach for some spontaneous shots at sunset.

Take a nice long walk and enjoy the crisp morning sky—or the stars scattered across a velvet night.

Give yourself a pedicure and then brush on an outrageous color of polish. (Check out these two, shiny rose and intensive red, which look amazing.) wink While you're enjoying yourself, take a peek at Summer and Jess's holiday diaries. They are driving each other (and themselves) crazy as usual!

Whatever gift you make yourself, do it with loving intent. Then enjoy!

Oh, oh, oh

Speaking of joy in the little things--if you like the taste of eggnog during the holidays (I love that stuff!) but don't want to rack up gazillion calories in your indulgence, try this trick. Substitute eggnog for the milk in your coffee or tea. (Sure, I know you tea purists out there are scowling at me, and you can relax. I wouldn't dump eggnog in my imperial Dragon Well green, premium golden Oolong or perfumed hand-rolled star Jasmine either. By the way, these are great places to order premium teas on line:

Imperial Tea Company and House of Tea

Eggnog definitely packs more calories than milk, but this still provides wa-a-ay less than a full glass of eggnog. Skaal!

Wishing you health, happiness and peace,


PS: Don't forget to check out Jess's and Summer's new diary entries!