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Christina on TV!
If you live in the Phoenix Area tune your TV to Channel 12 at 11:00 AM Wednesday May 24 and watch me give a knitting lesson to Jineane Ford, host of Midday Arizona. It ought to be a hoot!

I've been a knitter for years, creating clothing to support the Dulaan Project, which provides hand-knit goods to children in Mongolia.

Part of revealing my knitting addiction also included opening a knitting section on this web site that includes selling a pattern to help support The Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund. It's an adorable baby shrug, modeled by the cutest model since...well, since forever.

Which brings me to why I came out of the closet about my love for needles and yarn. Miki, the heroine of CODE NAME: BLONDIE, is a knitter. And that brings me to:

Blondie, available April 20, 2006WOW! Save $1.00 on BLONDIE
Harlequin is offering a dollar off BLONDIE and giving every one of you great people a chance to tell them--by downloading the coupon--how important my CODE NAME Series is to you. So my site will wait right here in your browser window while you visit Blondie and get your coupon! Want to try it before you buy it? Read an excerpt!

Knitting Contest

Thanks to everyone who entered my first contest in the (k)new knitting section! I was thrilled to see how many knitters there are among my fans! And the winner is (drum roll here) Sandy O'Reilly of Kokomo, Indiana. Congratulations Sandy! She won the silk project tote filled with a pair of handmade designer bamboo needles, several skeins of trendy yarn, knitter-friendly lotion to keep her hands soft and one copy of the baby shrug pattern that I helped a talented knitting designer create. Be sure to take a look at that shrug, worn by an adorable model. If you're a knitter, consider purchasing the pattern. The proceeds go to support The Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, a military charity.

My Members Only section

Sign up with your own unique Code Name and you'll get access to all the fun free things on my site, including the all new diaries of your favorite characters, recipes, crossword puzzles and more! Enjoy the adventure in these new links and happy reading.  Be sure to let me know what you think of the new site!


This is such a huge honor, both for me and for Baby!

The professional reviewers of RIO are delighted to inform Christina Skye (that she) is a 3rd Place Winner in the Long Contemporary Romance Category for the book Code Name: Baby
DeborahAnne Macgillivray
Awards Chair

My Bio

I grew up on a farm near Dayton, Ohio, but I was fascinated with all things Chinese.  However, after graduating with a Ph.D. in classical Chinese poetry, I discovered that jobs in my field were pretty limited.   I could join the CIA or the State Department, teach, or work as a Chinese translator and tour guide.  I chose the latter, but by then I was already writing.  Non-fiction. There were some articles for Natural History magazine and four critically acclaimed books on Chinese culture.

Time passed and, as much as I enjoyed eating snake meat and sea slugs, all that traveling began to take its toll.  I found myself drawn back to writing, only this time to fiction writing.  I'd always been a reader of romance fiction—romance novels were my escape in graduate school.  Who wouldn't want to bury themselves in the pages of a novel after a day spent studying classical Japanese verb forms and seven-syllable, strict short-form Chinese poetry?

So, what's my tally to date?   I'm at twenty-one novels, two novellas and five nonfiction books.   That hasn't left me much time for myself, but I still use my feng shui skills, practice qi-gong and rough it off road in my Jeep.   The possibility of heading off into the desert for a mountain hike is always tops on my list.

I do still love the far east and do what I can through the Dulaan Project, which provides hand-knit goods to children in Mongolia, and the Heifer Project International, which provides food-producing animals and training to 115 poverty-stricken countries.

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