images of wristlets pattern two pattern three

I came up with these wristlets in desperation. Cold hands. Argh, there is nothing worse. These little beauties saved the day. I have actually typed and edited three books using these, so they are definitely road-tested. :-) The red ribbed version was knitted with gorgeous Malabrigo yarn. ( Butt-ah. Truly addicting.

The blue bouclé is knit with Lion Brand Color Waves in the night sky shade. The fun fur is a deep rusty brown. Take your pick there. You can find fun furs everywhere!

The easiest of all is the blue variegated mohair beauty, knit with Diakeito diadomina (DD316 colorway). Check out the colors at Talk about a fast knit! This glovelet is straight garter stitch knit from side to side. When you finish a simple rectangle, you sew up the sides, leaving two inches open for the thumb. Knitting doesn’t get easier than that! Add a little ball of Marabou and you’ve got instant cute. Click on the links below for the patterns or on the image of the wristlet you want to try. The patterns are Adobe PDF files that you can easily print out, but you will need Acrobat Reader to open them.

Pattern 1, Trimmed in Marabou

Pattern 2, Moody Blue

Pattern 3, Fun and Furry

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A Tale of Three Gloves

This is my gift to those of you who have cold hands and fingers. (You know who you are.) Let's face it, wearing big, clunky gloves inside isn't pretty. I know this because I've been there!

Enter Wristlets!

These little fluffies are warm and soft. Definitely pretty while also functional. No fingers to slow you down when you're going for your pen--or your Sig .9mm. And you really can knit a pair in one night! So crank up the Unit or 24 and let your needles rip. (Hey, watcha think of that Jack Bauer!)