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Christina You asked. Okay, you asked me over and over again! So here they are--the questions that everyone seems to want answers for. After typing the same replies for months, I realized it made sense to put the answers all in one spot. (It only took me several years to figure this out! Serious mental head-slap!)

Want to know if I'm going to write another Draycott Abbey book? Want to find out about all those out-of-print early books? Want to know if I design my covers or think up my own titles? I KNOW you want to know more about Izzy!Just read on....

I just love Draycott Abbey! Are you ever going to write more books in this series?

Definitely! I have several more already planned. But right now I can't give you a date. Why? As you know, half of the books in the series (and both novellas) are completely out of print. And half a series just doesn't work. You can imagine all the mail I get asking for certain books that people are desperate to read. Unfortunately, a writer just has no control over publication policies. I'm hoping the Draycott situation will change in the future. Keep an eye here at my website for breaking news. Meanwhile, maybe I'll have to send Adrian and Gideon out for a haunting....

I love the two early novellas in the Draycott series:
"Enchantment" in HAUNTING LOVE STORIES (1991), and "What Dreams May Come" in BEWITCHING LOVE STORIES (1992). Why are they out of print, since these are the beginning of the whole Draycott series! Is there any chance that these stories will ever be re-released? Why are those two novellas out of print?

Beats me. Both are highly collectible now. In fact, both anthologies command huge prices at used books stores--assuming you can find them, which you usually can't!
I recently got the publication rights back on those two novellas, and I'd like to write an entirely new novella to go with these earlier two, then include all three together in one volume. What fun.
We'll see what develops.
It's a hard thing when part of a series remains out of print. New publishers don't like to pick up an old series. Readers hate not being able to read all the books in a set. I certainly don't like the situation, especially since all the Draycott Abbey stories are carefully written to have interrelated characters and themes.
But Adrian is calling loudly, so who knows what next year may bring?
Whatever it is, you'll hear it first at!

Why are so many of your books out of print?

I have great news! Avon is reprinting three of the earlier Draycott Abbey books in June! You can now purchase

Don't be confused by the new cover art.These ARE earlier books, not new ones.And please pass this information on to any friends or booksellers who may be confused by the new covers and think these are new books. That said, I think the new art is lovely, and I'm delighted that Avon is finally reissuing these early books. And yes, there will be more Draycott Abbey books coming. Stay tuned for news on that later.........
As for the others I think that would probably be a good question to ask my publishers. Avon Books published the Draycott Abbey series and Bantam Dell published my early historicals. By the way, let me know what you find out....

I like to read series books in order. What order should I follow when I read the Draycott Abbey books?

Here it is:

  • "Enchantment,"
  • "What Dreams May Come,"

But you really don't have to read these books in any particular order. Each one was written to stand alone. Really! (Of course, it might not be as much fun as it is when you already know prior characters.)

Do you design your own book covers?

Thank heaven, no! I've had great designers at both my publishers. Of course, if you have better ideas, write and tell me what they are. I'll be glad to pass them on.

What about that error at the end of GOING OVERBOARD?

The over-term pregnancy, you mean! As it happens, the original text was written as "several months," and someone somewhere along the line converted that into "seven months" without telling me.
No, Carly didn't give birth to Rosemary's baby! Sometimes mistakes happen, and this one will be changed in a future edition of the book. Meanwhile, you've got the inside scoop.

Do you think up your own titles?

Usually. I've tried buying them at Macy's or on eBay, but so far, no luck.

I want to write a book.  How do I get started?

This is an excellent question. I've added a new page to this web site just for budding writers.

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