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draycott coverRevisit Draycott Abbey! My novellas, What Dreams May Come and Season of Wishes, have been reprinted.


Regency Era

  • defiant captive cover Defiant Captive
    debuted 6/1990
    isbn 044020626X
    out of print
  • black rose cover The Black Rose
    debuted 8/1991
    isbn 9780440209294
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  • eastofforever East of Forever
    debuted 8/1993
    out of print
  • Night cover Come the Night
    debuted 9/1994
    isbn 9780440216445
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  • Dawn cover Come the Dawn
    debuted 9/1995
    isbn 9780440216476
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Victorian Era

  • ruby cover The Ruby
    debuted 7/2002
    isbn 0440208645
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Contemporary Fiction

  • Blondie cover Code Name: Blondie
    isbn 0373771231
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  • Code Name: Baby
    isbn 0373770693
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  • Princess cover Code Name: Princess
    isbn 9780440237610
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  • Nanny cover Code Name: Nanny
    isbn 9780440237600
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  • Kisses cover 2000 Kisses
    isbn 9780440235712
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  • overboard cover Going Overboard
    isbn 9780440235750
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  • spy cover My Spy
    isbn 9780440235781
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  • pursuit cover Hot Pursuit
    isbn 9780440237594
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Draycott Abbey Series

  • draycott cover Draycott Legacy
    original printing 5/1995, reprinted May, 2007
    isbn 978-0373772629
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  • Rose Cover Hour of the Rose
    original printing 4/1994, reprinted June, 2004
    isbn 0380773856
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  • bride cover Bride of the Mist
    original printing 5/1996, reprinted June, 2004
    isbn 0380782782
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  • bridge of dreams Bridge of Dreams
    5/1995, currently out of print
    isbn 0380773864
  • forever cover Key to Forever
    original printing 3/1997, reprinted June, 2004
    isbn 0380782804
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  • season of wishes Season of Wishes
    hardcover and paperback, 11/1997, currently out of print
    isbn 0380782812
  • christmas knight Christmas Knight
    10/1998, currently out of print
    isbn 0380800225
  • gift cover The Perfect Gift
    isbn 9780380800230
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draycott coverRevisit Draycott Abbey! My novellas, Bridge of Dreams and Enchantment, are being reprinted. You can listen to excerpts as May progresses....

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What Dreams May Come
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